Accelerate your pipeline development timeline with automation

Robotic co-pilots for ClinOps teams, to ½ your operational costs and accelerate your timelines.

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We free smart people to work on hard problems. We’re on a mission to eliminate the administrative work of running a clinical operation. We believe that clinical research teams at research sites and life sciences organizations should focus on the challenging tasks—those that only people can do—while software manages the rest.

We innovate and create at the intersections, connecting people, technology, and information. Yendou empowers life science firms and individuals alike in their mission to deliver cutting-edge medicine to patients swiftly and at scale, thus sowing the seeds for a healthier future.

A Platform Where ClinOps Teams, Research Sites, and Answers Are All in One Place!

Allocating clinical trials to multiple sites can be a slow, unsatisfying experience for research sites, and a challenge for sponsors and CROs that need to fast-track qualified research sites. Yendou Operational Decision Manager speeds the processing of study feasibility and site selection, so sites access new studies faster, while sponsors can easily test and update insights to determine business impact.

Our Technology

Data bases

Access, enrich, query, and analyze the largest and continually updated library of oncology research sites with >7k investigators.

Process Automation

Build intelligent workflows and automate sponsor-site communication, data collection, surveys, reporting, and more.


Aggregate, analyze, and visualize large datasets in real-time with dynamic and downloadable reporting.

Security & Compliance

Yendou Security works with you to enhance your business protection through advanced and integrated enterprise cybersecurity.

Transforming your work

Built to retain your talents

Between "The Great Resignation," a crushing clinical research skills shortage, and the growing complexity of clinical trials, the work of finding and retaining great candidates can be challenging. Give your clinical operation team the tools they need to successfully achieve business ROIs and support great hires, so they can deliver your medical innovation faster to those with cancer.

"there is a lot of manual, repetitive stuff. You know the number of freezers or centrifuges at sites doesn't change. Sites have fatigue from answering the same feasibility questionnaires. Yendou is changing the game of feasibility and site selection. I really like it! I wish I had it. It has a lot of great features. It’s very nice. Nobody has anything like this!"

Study Startup Associate, Syneos Health

"Our site data was scattered across multiple platforms initially. At first, we pondered the need for an additional platform. However, it quickly became clear that with Yendou, we could efficiently manage all our site insights in one centralized place. What's more, we can reach out to sites within minutes, literally."

Global head of strategic Feasibility, Global CRO

That's Yendou.

Protecting your privacy &
Securing your work is woven into our DNA.

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Solving clinical research problems through technology wouldn’t be possible without our most important invention: the team and advisors, who guide and shape us. Have a look at Yendou.

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