Run your study startup smarter & faster

Yendou is the connected ClinOps workplace, where study teams, sites, docs and studies are managed in one place.

Manage your study startup easily

Connected teams

Improve the speed and quality of study startup between CRAs, CRCs and PLs with connected processes.

automated workflow

Reduce manual work by creating tasks that trigger automatic actions like feasibility requests, access to site documents, and more.

Secure at Scale

Trust your studies, workflow and personal data are secure with our robust infrastructure.

Prioritize work for faster timelines

Increase study outreach globally

Yendou is available for research sites and investigators across therapeutic areas and indications globally.

Enhance study teams productivity

Yendou helps you organize complex study startup work across study teams at sites, CROs & sponsor in one place to accelerate FSI timelines.

Make safety a top priority

We use high-end industry end-to-end encryption and security standards that banks and government agencies use to keep sensitive data and your work safe.

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Delight your study team and stakeholders

Did you know that great user experience increases study startup productivity by 40%! Our users love Yendou. It's time for you to join and tame to startup timeline.

Trust & Security

See how Yendou protects your work and earns your trust

Your data. Protected.

Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We are firmly committed to achieving this goal through not just our product, but also our infrastructure and data governance.

Privacy Control

Yendou provides you with a range of in-product admin controls tools, to manage user and study-level permissions, and the ability to define which informations, teams at external stakeholders can access.
Our Do Not Track commitment

Data governance

Yendou allows customers and subscribers to import, export and delete all their accounts and activity data. To exercise your privacy rights, simply email us at

Data residency

Yendou store your data your way and offer a global data residency. Committed to the GDPR, and regardless of organisation's location, we collect, maintain and store data of EU residents in Germany.

Your work. Secure.

At Yendou, security is woven into our very DNA. We follow industry best practices to build a high-end secure and scalable cloud application, respecting clinical research standards.

Secure infrastructure

Yendou's tech infrastructure is designed and built with protection layers to ensure your personal data, work informations and documents are secure at all time.

End-to-End encryption

Yendou uses the same end-to-end encryption and security standards that industry-leading banks and government agencies use to keep sensitive data safe.

secure product

With admin controls, Yendou offers a robust set of in-product features enabling customers a greater control and visibility over their data, work and permissions across their organisations.

Our system. Reliable.

Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We are firmly committed to achieving this goal through our product, our infrastructure and data governance.

Uptime & availability

Yendou is committed to a 99.9% uptime to all customers, and offers transparency around our platform performance.

Business continuity

Yendou is comitted to safeguard the business continuity of its customers. We provide daily backups and recovery procedures to restore services in the event of unavoidable failures.

Customer support

Yendou offers English and German priority support within two business hours of receipt of any inquiry.

Questions & Answers

What is Yendou?

Yendou is the easiest way to manage study startup team projects and tasks between sponsors and sites. Sites do use Yendou as a clinical trial management system.

Why use Yendou?

Yendou is the only platform that enables teams at sites and sponsors to collaborate together and manage study startup tasks and activities for faster FSI timeline.

How can Sponsors use Yendou?

Our clients use Yendou to 1) run feasibility; 2) run site selection and pre-qualification; 3) access a library of pre-qualified oncology research sites; 4) message KOLs and site staff directly; 5) manage sites documents, including due dates tracking , and more.

How can Sites use Yendou?

Currently, Yendou offers sites the following services:

1) Feasibility:
Search. Select. Apply.
Investigators and research sites have access to new clinical trials opportunities from sponsors and can participate in feasibility studies in only three steps.

2) Team and clinical trials management:
"Do you have a centrifuge?" Imagine never having to answer this question again? Yendou is the first clinical trials management system built by sites for sites.
At Yendou, sites manage their study teams, CVs, GCP certificates, facilities and qualifications. With few clicks, Sites are able to share all informations with sponsors. The best? Thanks to documents export features, sites are able to download and share all their qualifications with sponsors outside of the platform.

How to join Yendou?

Sites can only join Yendou per invite from our team. In case you are interested, please click the button "Get Started" and fill the form. Our team will be notified about your interest to join and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Still have more questions? Email us

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