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What is Yendou?
Yendou is a study startup management system for oncology research. As a research site, you can use Yendou to: 1) access new women's cancer clinical trials and participate in feasibility as easily as booking an Airbnb room; 2) manage your team, facilities, qualification, and submission documents in one place; 3) communicate and exchange information with sponsors without emails. As a sponsor, you can use Yendou to: 1) access our research site library of pre-qualified sites, including all qualification documents necessary for IRB submission; 2) run your oncology feasibility in hours instead of weeks.
Why use Yendou?
Yendou is the only platform that enables teams at sites and sponsors to collaborate and manage study startup tasks and activities for a faster FSI timeline."
Which sites are illegible to join Yendou?
Yendou is an invite-only platform. Our members are individually selected oncology research sites that fulfill the GCP requirements to run Phase I, II, and III interventional studies in oncology and have previous experience in running such studies.
How can I join Yendou as a Site?
If you haven't received an invite from us, click the 'Join Us' button at the top of this page and submit the form. Our team will get back to you with more information within 24 hours.
How much does Yendou costs?
Yendou's feasibility and CRM platform costs exactly $0.00/month* (*for oncology research sites).

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