Oncology trials are complicated
We make your participation simple

free for oncology research sites

10+ Countries

Canada; USA; Brazil; Columbia; Argentina; Germany; Spain; Italy; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Morocco; Algeria; Egypt; ...

150+ Research Sites

We are an invite only platform. All our research sites are specialised in Women Cancer' indications with 5+ years of clinical research expertise

Simplicity is our secret ingredient

"I've used a lot of clinical trials platforms in my career, but Yendou's design and UX are unmatched. It's so easy to navigate, and the platform just looks and feels great."
- CRC, Women Cancer - US

Feasibility in 3 steps

With just three simple steps - Search, Select, Apply - you can easily access oncology studies from sponsors around the world and express your interest.

All studies in one place

Your site deserves a CRM as well. Free up your paper folders and shelves by housing all your studies and data in one central location. Make it simple for your team to manage everything from a single, centralized platform.
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Repetitive work automated

Yendou simplifies your work by organizing complex tasks, site documents, facilities, and teams all in one place, so you can focus on what really matters. Say goodbye to repetitive paperwork

Your expert opinion matters

Yendou makes it easy for you to provide feedback on protocol design, ensuring that studies are tailored to meet the current standard of care expectations.

A platform so easy to use,
our sites can't believe it!

Read what they say about using Yendou here.
"Yendou has been a game-changer for us. With just three simple steps, we can apply to new clinical trials in under 10 minutes. The platform has made it so much easier to manage our documents and teams as well. Thank you, Yendou!"
Clinical Trials Director
ABMED, Cape Coral, US
"I can't imagine going back to the way we used to manage our clinical studies before Yendou. It's made everything so much simpler and more efficient. I would recommend this platform to any clinic or oncologist looking to streamline their workflow."
Clinical Trials Manager
North York Hospital, Canada
"I'm constantly on the go, so I don't have a lot of time to sit down at a computer and manage feasibility requests on DrugDev. Yendou's concept is excellent, I can access everything I need from my phone. It's so convenient to be able to share studies with colleagues and email sponsors on the go. Plus, the study nurses like it too."
Principal Investigator & KOL
Charité Hospital Berlin, Germany

When you join Yendou, we join your team

For the moment you join Yendou, we set an onboarding call with your team and help you set your account, your team, your workflow and get you ready for a new way to run study startup.

Free for oncology sites

Yendou is free for Oncology research sites with 5+ years of experience in clinical research. You still want to join?
Book a Call.

Expert Support

Our customer service are women cancer indication experts and always happy to help you with everything needed to keep enjoying Yendou.

Our own experience running oncology clinical studies made us build Yendou!

(and we are very proud of it.) We know how most technologies in clinical research failed to consider sites' needs, delivering bad user experience and increasing the administrative burden of study coordinators. We lived it and decided, it was time to change it.

Yendou is more than a platform

When you join Yendou, you are joining a community of hundreds of oncology clinical researchers, here to remind you of latest studies and stories from Late Stage Clinical Drug Development
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