Yendou - the founders

Hi, humans. We may not have met yet but happy you made it here.

Zina Sarif
CEO & co-founder
Previously: AstraZeneca, Parexel

Former biochemist and cancer researcher at renowned research institutes, I decided to break into the world of clinical trials to tackle one of the biggest challenges of medical innovation: the long drug development timeline. Ex-dj. StandUp comedy writer. Always a runner.

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Patrick Rogg
CTO & co-founder
Previously: Citadel, Google, Amazon

AI powered computer scientist. Calm in the storm. Zina's go-to guy for translating conversations into beautiful and useful features for our clients. With the superpower of vertical thinking, he consistently delivers quality. Cyclist and a product snob. Cheers to excellence!

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Yendou's friends

Behind every great company there is an army of giants enabling greatness to happen.
Meet those who inspires us the most and work relentlessly to make our mission a reality. We love them.

Otis Johnson, PhD
Chief DEI & Sustainability at Clario

Former VP of Strategic Feasibility at Syneos Health, ICON, & Merck. With a background as Head of Product at ERT Systems, Otis is an expert in the economics of a great feasibility process & Enterprise BD.

Michelle Longmire, MD
cofounder & CEO at Medable

Running one of the most successful DCT Platform in the history of clinical research since 2016, Michelle is a great inspiration for us. Radically honest. Always on point. & shares our drive to accelerate CTs.

Oren Cohen, MD
CMO & president of clinical pharmacology at global CRO

As a Chief Medical Officer & president at a big CRO and 30+ years in the industry, Oren has made significant contributions to clinical research, leading early clinical development and clinical pharmacology.

ID in stealth
VP of Business Dev at Clinical Vendor

Business Dev executive with an excellent track record in scaling ARR at multiple clinical research vendors