Software in drug development has no magic.
We want your help to change this.

Great software captivates.
Great software is an experience.
It’s more than a tool; it reshapes how we live and work.
It makes life cool. It makes work easy. It makes us feel the future.

This isn't the case in healthcare.

Today, software in healthcare is a nightmare.
It drives essential workers to yearn for simpler times.
Times when paper sufficed.
Times when fax machines were efficiency.
Times devoid of clunky software, standing between doctor and patient, between the work and its purpose.
Times when people were busy doing the work, instead of figuring out how to do the work.

They say the healthcare industry is averse to innovation
And that’s the lie they tell!

The truth is, the industry is sick of bad software.
Tired of poor technical craftsmanship, they’ve declared, “No more software.”

Yet the problem was never software.
But the people building software in healthcare.

The magic of software has never made its way to healthcare.
At Yendou, we are on a quest to change this.

We are building the tools for the next generation of High-Impact Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies.
The place where ambitious innovators come together to deliver groundbreaking medicines to patients.

Our mission is to empower the world's best clinical research teams to do their best work.
We aim to craft software that embodies and amplifies the magic of their mission.
We aim to beautifully shape the work of those who shape the future of our health.

But we can't do it alone.
We are looking for talented people who share our passion for crafting exceptional software products.

That person might be you.

Join us and let's bring the magic of software to healthcare.

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Yendou's Principles

Make Something People Love.

The people we serve work relentlessly on building medical products that positively transform people's lives. We obsess about building products that positively transform the lives of our clients as they transform the lives of patients.

Be intense. Be scrappy.

Building an exceptional future for drug development requires every one of us to work long, work hard, and work smart. The urgency of our chosen work matters, as the quality of our delivery directly impacts patients' lives.

At Yendou, we cannot tolerate mediocre performance. We are kind, fun, and obsessed A-players who love A-players. In the words of David Ogilvy, "We are looking for obsessed and unbalanced talents with brains."

Think global. Think tomorrow.

We are building something important. Something that matters to our customers, to public healthcare, and to patients. Something that matters across borders and across generations. Something that we can all tell our grandchildren about. Such things demand scalability in thinking and in execution.

Your Company. Your Responsibility.

Every employee at Yendou owns shares in the company, and with ownership comes responsibility. Our priorities are as follows: Mission > Company > Team > Individual.

We are one unit in service of Yendou's mission and our clients' needs. We believe in the power of effective collaboration within and across teams to achieve our goals. At Yendou, nothing is someone else's problem.