Learn how Yendou keeps your data safe, your work secure, all while being reliable and compliant.
Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We are firmly committed to achieving this goal through not just our product, but also our infrastructure and data governance.

Privacy Control

Yendou provides you with a range of in-product admin controls tools, to manage user and study-level permissions, and the ability to define which informations, teams at external stakeholders can access.
Our Do Not Track commitment

Data Governance

Yendou allows customers and subscribers to import, export and delete all their accounts and activity data. To exercise your privacy rights, simply email us at

Data Residency

Yendou store your data your way and offer a global data residency. Committed to the GDPR, and regardless of organisation's location, we collect, maintain and store data of EU residents in Germany.
At Yendou, security is woven into our very DNA. We follow industry best practices to build a high-end secure and scalable cloud application, respecting clinical research standards.

Secure Infrastructure

Yendou's tech infrastructure is designed and built with protection layers to ensure your personal data, work informations and documents are secure at all time.

End-to-End Encryption

Yendou uses the same end-to-end encryption and security standards that industry-leading banks and government agencies use to keep sensitive data safe.

Secure Product

With admin controls, Yendou offers a robust set of in-product features enabling customers a greater control and visibility over their data, work and permissions across their organisations.

Uptime & Availability

Yendou is committed to a 99.9% uptime to all customers, and offers transparency around our platform performance.

Business Continuity

Yendou is committed to safeguard the business continuity of its customers. We provide daily backups and recovery procedures to restore services in the event of unavoidable failures.

Customer Support

Yendou offers English and German priority support within two business hours of receipt of any inquiry.
Learn more about Yendou's Privacy and security practices by downloading our Trust and security whitepaper.